November 2014
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First the pant: ground it by pulling one colour from the pattern and using it on top. If you’re mixing prints, be aware of their scale. “You usually don’t have the same scale of print on top and bottom. A good rule of thumb is to make sure one is much smaller than the other,” she says. “And again, pull out two, three key colours that you co-ordinate back to the top and the bottom.”

With so much use of colour and print, don’t forget about using nudes, in shoes or bags, to easily complement your outfit.

Age isn’t really an issue when it comes to wearing colour or prints, says Timmins. Neon is probably not great on a 75-year-old, but then, a woman that age would likely have a hard time finding a style she’d like in neon, since it’s geared to a younger market.

Prints, too, are good at any age. “I think prints are so personal, I don’t think there’s a print that’s age appropriate … I think the garment shape needs to be a little more age-appropriate, not the print itself,” she says.

Another big trend for spring is the feminine silhouette, in fitted and flared dresses and longer, shapely styles. It also means manicured nails and red lipstick, the kind mothers never used to leave the house without. “Those days disappeared somehow in the late ’60s and ’70s so it’s a trend that’s kind of a fun one for a lot of women who’ve never experienced such a thing,” Timmins says.

At the other end of the spectrum is the “summer nomad” look, featuring relaxed pyjama pants, open-knit sweaters and neo-tribal prints, she says. Loose and easy pants replace last year’s maxi skirts, paired with flat sandals, natural leathers and accessories in wood and gold.

The “sport lux” trend is another one Timmins is highlighting for spring. “It’s the idea of sport details and influences, but in chic clothing, so not for the gym but to go to the office, or go to a party.”

It would include dresses with zipper or mesh detailing, a fitted sheath with a racing stripe down the side, or a light, silky anorak worn as an overcoat, to a cocktail party.

Timmins will be offering trend tips and showing some of the latest styles for spring Saturday at the Bay Southgate in the ladies wear department, starting at 1:30 p.m.

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